The Globe eLibrary is both a web platform and mobile application that provides students and educators with free and quick access to digital storybooks and eLearning videos. It features age-appropriate and engaging educational resources tailored to children and young adults in the Philippines. Users can enjoy free access to hundreds of digital titles and video content through their mobile phones, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer.

The platform aims to supplement classroom learning and help nurture a lifelong love for reading among Filipino children. Through the free service, teachers and parents could make full use of the wide selection of content to create a fun and engaging educational experience. The platform makes learning resources accessible to students and teachers nationwide, particularly those in schools and communities where access to quality learning resources is limited.


Titles relevant to students in k-12 levels were lifted from various sources that allow for free public use and sharing. International sources of titles include Gutenberg.org and Storyweaver.org.in. Local titles were provided by the Bureau of Learning Resources of the Department of Education of the Philippines.

All these titles fall under Public Domain. They have no exclusive property rights or have property rights that have expired under the terms of the Berne Convention which specifies that copyrights run the life of the author plus 50 years. This is in accordance to the Presidential Proclamation No. 137 of 1948, MAKING PUBLIC THE ACCESSION OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES TO THE BERNE CONVENTION FOR THE PROTECTION OF LITERARY AND ARTISTIC WORKS, REVISED AT BRUSSELS ON JUNE 26, 1948.

All international content were provided to Globe Telecom by Flipside Publishing.

Should users have any clarifications or concerns on the titles and terms of use, you may reach us at [email protected]


The eLearner videos are made up of interactive videos that originated from a well-renowned program called Text2Teach. Launched in 2003 by the Ayala Foundation, Globe Telecom, the Department of Education, and various organizations in tech and education, the program was designed to supply public schools with high quality video content and teacher training on utilizing mobile technology for learning.

Through the use of mobile phones and the internet, teachers were able to download and run the video content during class, serving as supplementary materials to classroom lectures. Text2Teach was completed by 2013, reaching nearly 1000 public schools all around the country.

Through the Globe eLibrary, the Text2Teach content is provided a new home and can now be accessed by students and teachers nationwide.

Should users have any clarifications or concerns on the titles and terms of use, you may reach us at [email protected]